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Custom Design

Custom design your cabinetry to fit your needs. With a professional like Cabinet Solutions by your side, you can design the ideal cabinetry for ...

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Vanity Cabinets

Enhance your space’s vigor with exceptional vanity cabinets. With top notch vanity cabinetry, you’ll be able to store all of your body care products in...

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Kitchen Cabinets

Store your dishes and finest china in a safe, spacious, and elegant cabinet. Your kitchen cabinets play a major role in the appeal and value of your kitchen...

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Cabinet Solutions

Welcome to Cabinet Solutions; a company that offers fantastic cabinetry solutions for residential and commercial clients. Our experts deliver excellence in everything that we do and in what we offer. We are focused on crafting beautiful and functional cabinets that will add that extra touch that your estate needs.

Our craftsmen are skilled, efficient, and quick to respond to any request you have. From vanity cabinets, kitchen cabinets to custom design, our experts can do it all! We utilize the adequate tools, equipment, and artistry to design cabinets that are the perfect complement for your estate.

We are professionals, go getters, and hard workers who will always go the extra mile to achieve your satisfaction. Our creativity and innovative ideas are demonstrated in each project we take over. Cabinet Solutions crafts cabinets that will add both beauty and functionality to your home’s interior. Call us now!

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High Quality Craftsmanship

Cabinet Solutions is the ideal choice for you! We are prompt, proficient, and well-organized to achieve great results. Our crew guarantees to add style and vigor through cabinet design and installation. Indeed, we are committed to lead all your projects towards success.

Innovative and Customized Work
Cabinet Solutions

Why Choose Us

By choosing Cabinet Solutions, you get quality cabinetry at competitive prices. We design, fabricate, and install the finest detailed cabinetry.


Our mission at Cabinet Solutions is to provide our clients with the finest cabinetry solutions. We commit to innovation and timelessness in every piece that we design, fabricate, and install.


Our vision at Cabinet Solutions is to be known as the area’s most trusted carpenters, through the high quality standard that we upkeep in our cabinetry, closet creations, and more.

About Us

Cabinet Solutions started as a family owned and operated business that was founded in Richmond, California. With 33 years of experience, we have served countless of satisfied customers throughout the community. Our gorgeous cabinetry designs and excellent craftsmanship make us the leader in the industry.

Our professionals fabricate, design, and install cabinets that are customizable and suitable to your needs. Our quality work, leadership, and dedication are shown every step of the way. At Cabinet Solutions your satisfaction is a priority, and we won...

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